Online Meetup is scheduled for 5-6 March 2024
[Asakusa The Gate -Unveil the Lives and Hands of Masters-]

Experience the Charms of Asakusa, the Town of Craftsmanship, Online Through Meetup

In Tokyo’s Asakusa, there is more to explore than the renowned Senso-ji Temple. This district, steeped in the nostalgic ambiance of Edo’s old town, is a haven for numerous traditional crafts and industries that have thrived since the Edo period. “Asakusa The Gate” is dedicated to providing an immersive experience that unveils the lives and craftsmanship of these masters. Don’t miss the chance to gain insights into the world of these artisans during the meetup.

What is 'Asakusa The Gate'?

Asakusa The Gate is a project rooted in the essence of craftsmanship, with a sincere devotion to materials and techniques, shaping objects for the aesthetic beauty of everyday living. Artisans, valuing their connection to the community, cherish and refine their skills to create items that enhance the richness of daily life. By unveiling the lives and hands of masters, Asakusa Stay evolves into a more profound experience. This is the gate to your unique journey.

Meetup Details

Date: 5th (Tue.) – 6th (Wed.) March 2024

Time: Each day from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM JST / 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM JST

*Due to the artisans’ work schedules, please note that not all artisans may participate in every session. We appreciate your understanding. Information regarding the experience with all artisans will be sent to all participants who attend any of the sessions.

Those We’d Like to Welcome:

 -Travel Designers

 -Travel Agents

 -Tour Operators

 -Destination Management Companies

 -Travel Industry Enthusiasts


How to Register:

Participation in the Meetup is Free of Charge. However, registration is required. Please complete the registration form by clicking the button below. After successful registration, the participation URL will be sent to you via email before the event.

Coordinated by Attractive JAPAN Exclusive

We are a Local DMC that brings the essence of Japan’s charm to international travelers, embodying the principles of ‘Stay Like a Local’ and ‘Off the Beaten Track Exploration.’ We, Attractive JAPAN, aim to pass on to future generations the attractive local culture, customs, landscapes, and traditional crafts of Japan, so we have created premium experience programs with locals. For those who understand authentic culture, living customs, and coexistence with nature, we help coordinate special times that cannot be coordinated elsewhere.

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